Welcome World!

Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook could tell you that I post miscellaneous wedding things at least once a day, if not more.  I cannot tell you the number of friends that have said, “Kelley!  You need to get a blog!”  I have struggled for months with setting up the blog, mostly because I didn’t know what to call it yet.  I need something creative and unique to set me apart from the rest of the event planning industry.  Unfortunately “Finnegan” isn’t the most attractive sounding name or I would simply name the blog after myself; and it seems that there are few “unique” names in the event planning industry as all the good ones are taken!  Anyways, despite the lack of a real name quite yet, I decided it was just time to start the blog.  We are in the thick of wedding season now and in the month of May I have already learned so many new things, been so incredibly inspired by different events, and have just had so much to share about my experiences in the industry.

Suggestions for a creative blog name are always welcome!  In addition, please feel free to contact me with any ideas of things you’d like to read about or see on the blog at any time.  This blog will be a work in progress, always changing as I grow and continue to learn more about the field I have become so passionate about.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences as much as I enjoy the opportunity to take part in them!  I will post as often as possible with pictures from events that I personally get to take part in as well as ideas and photos that I find useful and helpful.  For today, please enjoy some photos that I took at a wedding this past Sunday!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Venue: Foxchase Manor

Event Coordinator:  Buelltiful Events by Henriette

Caterer: The Chef’s Table Caterers

Florist: Karin’s Florist

Photography: Ritch Photography (Looking forward to the professional photos!)

Entertainment: Davis Deejays

Officiant: Jim Lawson – Warrenton Baptist Church

Ceremony Musicians (String Quartet): Vasily Popov – Levine School of Music

Photo credit: Kelley Finnegan


One thought on “Welcome World!

  1. Great blog, Kelley! Awesome photos!

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