Not your Mama’s wedding day shoes!

When my mom got remarried in 1998, I remember standing in David’s Bridal looking at flower-girl dresses.  Typical of me, I had to be difficult and disagree with my mom on every dress she picked out for me.  I picked my own dress, complete with bows on the sleeves, the waist, and down the back.  My mom did get her way on one thing though: the shoes.  At 10, I remember finding the idea of dyeing a pair of shoes to be so bizarre.  But of course, they had to be the exact color of the dress!  So we picked a satin pair of heels that were dye-able and the rest of the bridal party followed suit.

Today’s brides are breaking this tradition and mixing up their wedding day with brightly colored heels and even *gasp* flats!  While many brides wear long dresses that cover their shoes regardless, this is a fun way to add a little personality to your special day.  In addition, brides are adding splashes of color to their bridesmaids’ wardrobes as well.  The bridesmaids in my May 14 wedding wore beautiful navy halter-top dresses with bright yellow heels (all in styles they picked themselves!).  For the reception, many of them changed into bright yellow flip-flops.  Other 2011 brides are adding writing or a design to their wedding shoes, i.e. the date of the wedding, or even using the bottoms of the shoe as a place for the bridal party to sign!

Take a look at these photos of some fun wedding shoe trends!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Happy Thursday!

Photo credits:

Red flats: Katelyn James Photography

Green heels with Purple Rhinestone “I Do”: Katelyn James Photography

Teal heels: Jasmine Star Photography and worn by Katelyn James

Red Rainboots: Gabe Aceves Photography

Purple Flats: Melissa Jill Photography

Writing on bottom of heels: Real Photography


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