Details I Love — Unique Guestbook Alternatives

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many traditional wedding details that modern brides are choosing to change up and personalize.  One of these is the traditional guestbook.  While the guestbook is nice to have a record of all the people that attended your wedding and their well-wishes for you and your new spouse, there are many different ways to accomplish this without a traditional book that you may never open again after your wedding day.  Here are some unique ways to personalize your guest”book” and make it more creative!

The “Wedding Tree” is very popular lately! Adel & Max had one at their wedding too. Put ink out for your guests to “leaf” their fingerprints on the tree –
Wedding Tree –
Have guests sign patches of fabric and have it made into a quilt! (Photo credit: )

Suzanne & Peter had this beautiful guestbook frame at their wedding which can be hung in their new home together!

Photo puzzle -


Photobooths are becoming very popular at weddings! Have your guests place their photobooth photos into a guestbook and sign! Visit for photobooths in your area! (Photo credit:
At Karen & Ken’s wedding this weekend, I saw a very personalized wedding guestbook. Because the bride and groom both love to cook, they set up a cookbook and asked guests to find their favorite recipe and leave them a note by it. It was a very cute idea because its something the bride & groom will be able to look at frequently since they love cooking!

There are many other unique wedding guestbook ideas that you could use for your own wedding.  Think of something personal that will really mean something to both you and your soon-to-be spouse.  Visit Etsy for more ideas!

What other unique guestbook ideas have caught your eye?


Happy Wednesday!


One thought on “Details I Love — Unique Guestbook Alternatives

  1. […]  4 ) The Chuppah (or Huppah or Chuppa…) — The Chuppah is a canopy or tent-like structure under which the ceremony takes place.  This is one place where personality can show (Source:!  For example, Nicole & Alex had a fabric chuppah with a big tree on it for guests to sign (similar to the family tree-style guestbook). […]

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