Cool Ideas for Your Summer Wedding

Hard to believe that today is already the first day of summer!  I’m still wondering where springtime went.  You know, that beautiful 73-degree weather that is just perfect?  I “slug” to and from work everyday and standing in line in the afternoons on a hot day waiting for a ride can sometimes be miserable!  Summer brides, this is not what you want your guests thinking while they’re sitting through your ceremony, cocktails, or reception!!  Here are some fun details that will keep you and your guests cool at your summer wedding:

1) Fan programs — Fan programs can be as glamorous or as simple as you like them.  They are the perfect touch for your guests to cool down during your ceremony (these can be a fun DIY too)!

Photos courtesy of

 2) Ice Cream — Why not have an old-fashioned ice cream parlor at your wedding?  Or perhaps an ice cream truck?  Make sure you have everything you need when going with this option so you don’t have a big melted mess!

Photo credits: 1) Ice Cream Parlor --; 2) Ice Cream truck --; 3) Vintage Ice Cream Cart --

 3) Signature Summer Cocktails — Do you and your future spouse have a favorite cocktail?  Perhaps the two of you are master mixologists and can mix up something sweet and refreshing!

 4) Personalized Drink Labels — For something more unique and personalized, consider serving Jones Soda with you own personal labels.  The various flavors can appeal to children and non-drinkers as well!  Consider also printing labels for water bottles to serve on ice throughout the ceremony and into the evening!  Another fun idea: purchase personalized coozies for your guests to keep their drinks cold!  (The coozies shown here are another sneak peek from Stacey & Justin’s wedding this past weekend!)

Photo credits: 1) Jones Soda --; 2) Water bottles -- Little Things Favors; 3) Coozie -- Kelley Finnegan

5) Fashion Accessories — After hours of hair and makeup, no bride or bridesmaid wants to be dripping with sweat in the summer heat.  Here’s some fashion ideas that are chic and fun but will keep you and your bridesmaids cool as well:

Photo credits: 1) Lace fan --; 2) Colorful fans -- SMS Photography; 3) Green Parasols -- Chelsea Nicole Photography; 4) Colorful Parasols -- Natalie Moser Photography

Happy First Day of Summer!


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