Inspiration Board — An Evening in Paris

My good friend Amanda went to school at JMU where she met one of her best friends, Beth.  Beth is wild and fun and always up for an adventure.  This probably explains why Beth was totally fine with packing up after college and heading to France to work as an au pairs for a wealthy family there.  Beth has never had trouble meeting people and distance from family and friends is something she is more than capable of handling.  Beth has made a ton of friends there and absolutely loves her job.  And of course, she is now fluent in French (how cool)! [Check out Beth’s blog about her adventures as an au pairs in France!]

Beth, Me, & Amanda on one of my visits to JMU

 Anyways, Amanda is finally planning to fly to France next week to visit Beth and do some amazing “touristy” things.  I started feeling inspired by her upcoming trip to France and thought a Paris-inspired evening wedding would be beautiful.  Beth does not actually live in Paris, but it seems like it would be such a fun city to visit and sight-see!  Enjoy today’s inspiration board and, as always,

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!

(Ps. The photo in the top left is an actual photo of Beth at the Eiffel Tower!)


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Board — An Evening in Paris

  1. Beth Feather says:

    I am so flattered by everything you said! I do absolutely love my life here in France and wish you were coming over with Amanda to visit. Its been too long! XOXO

  2. […] A quick hello and shout out to Kelley Finnegan and her blog. I am featured in her Paris inspired post, so check it out!!! […]

  3. […] I headed up to Ocean City with a ton of great friends to enjoy our long weekend & celebrate Amanda‘s little sister’s 21st birthday!  It was quite the fabulous way to end the summer.  […]

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