Wedding History Day — Intermezzo

Before I posted pictures from this past Saturdays wedding, I wanted to do a little wedding history post.  I learned something new on Saturday!  I was assisting Ashley with Windows Catering & she explained to me that the couple decided to do something a little bit different with their meal.  They were serving 3 courses: salad, intermezzo, and the entrée.  Intermezzo??  I had never heard of it before.  Apparently, the groom wanted to do something unique and different and this definitely served that purpose!

In music, an intermezzo is a composition that fits between other larger acts or musical work.  Intermezzos are usually small, light, and refreshing courses in a meal.  They are typically served in the form of a sorbet or a light wine such as Prosecco.  Karyn and Joshua served a strawberry sorbet for their intermezzo on Saturday.  They are used throughout Europe as a way to cleanse the palate in between courses.

The purpose of the intermezzo is to allow your taste buds to full enjoy the flavor of your next course (i.e. cleansing of your palate).  Karyn & Joseph’s intermezzo was traditional, in the sense that it was served between the first course (salad) and the main entrée.

Photos will be posted tomorrow of Karyn & Joshua’s wedding…keep an eye out for intermezzo pictures!

Happy Tuesday!




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