Mazel Tov!!! Wedding History Day — Jewish Wedding Rituals (Part 2 — The Reception)

Remember last week’s post on Jewish ceremony rituals?  Well, here’s Part 2 — The Reception as promised!  Also, be sure to come back tomorrow for photos of Nicole & Alex’s Real (Jewish) Wedding!


1 ) Blessing the Challah — The bride & groom’s parents or another special honored guest (i.e. Grandfather as in Vicki & Mike’s wedding) makes the blessing over the challah, an elaborately braided bread (Source:


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2 ) S’eudah Mitzvah — The food portion of the reception.  Usually, chicken and fish are served at Jewish dinner receptions.  Kosher meals are often served (Source:  At Vicki & Mike’s wedding, the meals served were not Kosher.  However, one table was served Kosher meals.  Ashley explained to me that those eating Kosher meals all had to sit together and there could not be other non-Kosher meals served at that table.  In addition, Windows was not allowed to remove the plastic from the guests’ plates…they had to serve the plates just the way they came.


3 ) The Hora — The chair dance.  It is derived from the tradition of carrying royalty on chairs.  This, like the breaking of the glass, is another Jewish tradition that is widely recognized (Source:


4) Mitzvah Dances — The couple is seated and guests entertain them by dancing in front of them with masks, costumes, and props.  At Nicole & Alex’s wedding, the bridal party had planned quite a few surprise dances for the couple (Source:


5 ) Mezinke Tanz or  Krenzel — One of the last dances of the night to honor the parents who have married off their last child.  The word Krenzel comes from the word “crown”…referring to the crown of flowers placed in the mother’s hair during the dance (Source:


6 ) Birkat Hamazon — The blessings after the meal.  Prayer booklets can be handed out to guests.  After prayers, the 7 blessings are repeated and then a “blessing over the wine is recited as two glasses of wine are poured together into a third, symbolizing the creation of a new life together with a new marriage” (Source:


Check back tomorrow for photos of Nicole & Alex’s Wedding!

Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Mazel Tov!!! Wedding History Day — Jewish Wedding Rituals (Part 2 — The Reception)

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  2. Clare says:

    This post is amazing! So informative… i really want to go to Jewish Wedding!

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