Wedding Do Good!

Do you and your future spouse already live together and need very little in the way of gifts?  Perhaps you are not a huge fan of being showered with all sorts of home decor items and cooking utensils (Believe me, there are plenty of brides out there like this!).  During the wedding planning process, money will be a constant topic of conversation and there is so much money that goes in to planning your perfect wedding.  Perhaps you’d like to see a bit of this money go to a good cause?

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An idea I love:

Use your wedding as an opportunity to donate to charity.  There are many different ways you can do this!

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1) Instead of registering for things for your house, register for a charity instead.  Guests can make gifts to a charity of your choice!


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2) Donate leftover food.  Local food banks can coordinate with your caterer!


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3) Remember the Brides for Breast Cancer gown sale?  Consider donating your gown to causes like this!


4) How about donating to a charity in lieu of favors or bridal party gifts?  You can inform your guests in many creative ways or with GiveNow cards!


There are many other ways that you can give to a cause during and after your wedding planning process.  Visit or the I Do Foundation for more wedding charity ideas!

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On a very cool side note, Prince William & Kate Middleton set up a “Royal Wedding Charity Fund” to raise money for charitable organizations in celebration of their wedding.  They raised $1.7 million to be divided amongst charities that support military families, children, wildlife conservation, the arts and sports and help and care at home (US Magazine).


Happy Wednesday

& Happy Giving!


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  1. […] to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a charity which raises money for childhood cancer,  in lieu of guest favors (hence the alcoholic & non-alcoholic […]

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