Advice for the Aspiring Planner: The Benefits of Google Apps

Today’s post is a little different in that it is written for the aspiring planner rather than the bride.  Since this blog is supposed to be a “journal” of all the things I am seeing and learning in the event planning industry, I thought this post would definitely be appropriate.  As anyone may imagine, an event coordinator must have AMAZING time-management skills.  Between meetings with clients and vendors, it essential to stay on time and have a method of keeping appointments organized and together…especially since planners often work out of their home!  One thing that I have learned from Courtney Swierczek of A Sweet Soiree Events is the absolute necessity and convenience of Google calendar & Google docs when working as a planner!  When I first started working with Courtney, she asked me to share my Google calendar with her so she would know when I am available for meetings/events, etc.  At the time, I had a Gmail account, but had never really used the calendar feature as everything was usually stored on my Blackberry calendar.  However, once I updated my Google calendar and noticed the convenience of sharing it, I was hooked!  Now, Courtney can email a client and let them know when she and I are available to meet without having to do that game of “who’s available when” and so on.  Plus, with a Google Sync application for my Blackberry, any event that I add onto my phone automatically syncs to my Google calendar and vice versa, so I always know when I am available or where I’m supposed to be when.  I love the sharing and sync features, but also, it’s just so much more organized, convenient and easy to use compared to a day planner of some sort!  Check out the screen shots of my Google Calendar — complete with my personal calendar, my work calendar, Courtney’s calendar, Briar Patch’s calendar, and so on!

Another convenient Google feature that I’ve started to rely on thanks to Courtney is Google docs.  We can share timelines and other documents with clients and all of us can edit and make changes to the document.  This avoids the millions of email attachments that could be possible when working on editing a timeline or something of the sort.  It makes everything much less complicated!

So today’s advice for the aspiring event planner is compliments of Ms. Courtney Swierczek herself — BECOME VERY FAMILIAR WITH GOOGLE APPS AND USE THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!  Advice for the bride: request that your planner use these features too! 🙂

Happy Monday


Happy Time-Managing!


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