15 Wedding Guest Dos & Don’ts (via MSN Lifestyle!)

Alex & me back in college

My friend Alex, who calls himself this blog’s biggest fan, has the unfortunate luck of being my G-Chat friend and, therefore, receiving numerous wedding links throughout the work day and a comment from me that says, “Look how cool this is!” or something of the sort (Alex is not the only friend that puts up with this…but he is the only guy!).  Don’t worry, he sends me ESPN links and pictures of Natalie Portman and other “hot chicks” throughout the day too!  However, last Friday, he sent me a link to Adrienne White’s article entitled, “15 Wedding Guest Dos & Don’ts,” featured on MSN Lifestyle, and I loved it (yea ladies, he’s a keeper)!  I just wanted to point out these dos and don’ts as I think they are definitely things that many wedding guests are not aware of or forget to even consider!


RSVP — Pay attention to the deadline and return your RSVP as soon as possible.

Buy your wedding gift early — Take it from me as a former Bed Bath & Beyond Bridal Consultant…if you don’t selection will be very limited!

Be on time — Let’s face it..it’s just plain tacky & rude to show up late to a wedding ceremony.  Plan to arrive 20-30 minutes early so you can find your seat, get your program, use the restroom prior to the ceremony start, etc.  If you do arrive late and the ceremony has already started, wait outside of the ceremony unless otherwise directed.

Pay attention to dress code — Always dress nice for a wedding but also, dress for the venue and according to the bride & groom’s instructions.  Jeans and shorts are typically not appropriate attire.

Stay out of the photographer’s way — Let the photographer capture the moments that he or she was hired to capture.

Congratulate the family — Make sure to thank the family for hosting you and congratulate them, even if you’ve never met them!  It’s a very emotional & expensive day and they will appreciate anyone that takes the time to thank them.

Party — Dance, drink, and have a good time.  Brides & grooms are often fearful that their guests will not enjoy themselves so be sure to get up and show them that you’re having a good time!

Sign the guestbook — Whatever the couple is using as a guestbook, be sure to sign.  They want to remember who was there for their special day.

Remember your favor — As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, favors can really add up in costs.  Plus, they are the couples’ way of thank you for attending.  Remember to grab your favor on your way out.



Assume you can bring a guest — You shouldn’t invite someone along unless it specifically says “and guest” on the invitation.

Bring a large gift to the wedding — Large gifts are difficult for the couple or family to transport after the wedding.  Have these items shipped directly to the couple’s home if you are set on a larger gift.

Forget to turn off your phone — Again, just plain tacky & rude for your cell phone to go off in the middle of the ceremony or speeches.  Turn it off or at least on silent so you don’t interrupt any of the wedding events.

Wear white (or light ivories, etc.) — Let the bride be the only one in white!

Get wasted — Have some drinks and enjoy the bar but don’t get wasted.  It makes it difficult for others to enjoy themselves.  Plus, a wasted guest can be hell on vendors and many will cut them off or request that they leave (at the bride & grooms’ approval).

Talk forever — When the newlyweds visit your table, keep the conversation short.  Remember that they need to make their rounds and thank each guest for coming, so don’t keep them chatting forever.

Happy Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “15 Wedding Guest Dos & Don’ts (via MSN Lifestyle!)

  1. Melina says:

    I love this! I always wish it was okay to mail this to guests with the save the date! lol, tacky but something I bet brides with they can do! No one knows anything until they find themselves planning their child’s or their own wedding.

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