Vendor Spotlight: Alyssa Renee-Photography

I don’t typically spotlight vendors because I have built amazing relationships with so many amazingly talented vendors in this industry!  However, I wanted to spotlight Alyssa today for keeping up with a new wedding trend!

Back in high school, Alyssa worked 2 and 3 jobs almost all 4 years and she always impressed me.  After going away to college, I talked to Alyssa here and there, but we were not as close as we had always been through high school.  She surprised us all when she announced her engagement to Tim…AND that he was in the Navy and stationed in Pearl City, Hawaii, so she’d be moving there.

An even bigger surprise was when Alyssa added me as a friend on facebook from her new business page, “Alyssa Renee Photography.”  Alyssa always took pictures back in high school and she even videotaped our beach week (which I have yet to see…and I’m not sure I want to see it!).  However, I never knew it was something she was so good at or so passionate about.  Well, Alyssa is so incredibly talented and continues to just blow me away.  I knew back in high school that Alyssa was going to really make it happen for herself, but I never dreamed she’d be as successful as she has been!


I am spotlighting Alyssa’s company because I love one of the unique things she does:

Boudoir photos

What are these exactly??  The Knot explains, “Boudoir photography is a sexy new trend that’s especially popular as a wedding day gift from a bride to her groom.  Boudoir photos are usually taken wearing either just a little, or well, nothing at all. They’re hardly X-rated though, but rather PG-13 — as in classic pinup-inspired pics, or what the pros call ‘implied nudes.’ That means you’re not wearing anything, but you’re also not showing off anything either (think shot from the back, or lying on your stomach)” and, according to The Knot, Wedding Boudoir photos have become quite the trend!

Often Alyssa photographs wives and girlfriends of men who are fighting for our country overseas.  But I also especially love the idea of photographing brides-to-be.  Give these photos to your husband as a gift on your wedding day (Like Erienne did for her husband, Jeremy, on Tori & Dean’s sTORIbook Weddings — Season 1, Episode 3) or perhaps as an anniversary gift!  Plus, they are a great way for a soon-to-be bride to feel beautiful and sexy just before her wedding & what husband is going to complain about seeing beautiful, sexy photos of his new wife?  Check out these gorgeous photos of gorgeous women:


Alyssa also does engagement and wedding shoots as well as newborn and children photos, maternity shots, senior portraits, etc.  Here are just a few of her engagement & wedding photos:

If you want to see more of Alyssa’s work or you’re interested in having her photograph anything for you, please visit her website, her facebook page, or shoot her an email:

Alyssa will be visiting the DC area for 3 weeks in August (to photograph a wedding) and is also planning to move back to DC in the next year or so.  Don’t let her living in Hawaii discourage you from contacting her.  She travels all over the world to photograph events and every time she’s in town, she is doing photo shoots!

Happy Thursday!

Check back in a few weeks for a post on other

“Gift Ideas for Your Spouse”!


9 thoughts on “Vendor Spotlight: Alyssa Renee-Photography

  1. Clare says:

    Hahaha so funny you wrote this post. I was just researching Boudoir photographers in NYC because I think I am going to have an album made for my fiance’s wedding present!

  2. Thank you so much for doing a spotlight blog about my business Kelley! Your doing an amazing job and I am very very proud of you! Love and miss you and I will see you very soon!!

    I also travel all over the world to photograph all types of events so don’t be shy in contacting me!

    • Thanks Lyss! I’ll be sure to edit it to let people know you travel all over 🙂

      • Thanks Kell! I will spread the word about your wedding planning and day of event coordinating. So far I have 2 Virginia Weddings, Colorado and Mexico weddings!

        You need to make business cards and when you do I need a couple!!

      • Thanks! I’m planning to move to Nashville in the fall so spread the word down that way 🙂

        I do have business cards…they are pretty basic since I don’t have my own company yet. I can give you those at least until I get some fancy ones made! 😀

  3. rkrmama says:

    Super blog today. Alyssa does fabulous work! I would love to use her at some point in the future. Definitely better than Glamour Shots 🙂

  4. Kelly, when you do start your own company a great place to get your cards is A bunch of my DJ buddies and I always get our cards there. They do a great job and don’t flood you with e-mails asking for repeat business.

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