Details I Love — DIY Veils

I’m not sure if I have made this announcement on the blog formally yet, but I am planning to move to Nashville in the fall.  I am sad to leave the many amazing opportunities that I have here in DC, but am looking forward to new and exciting opportunities in a new and exciting city!  Plus, I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you!

A REAL Nashville Wedding Shot -- I really hope I get to see this in real life! | Photo courtesy of

Anyways, the reason I brought that up is because my future Nashville roommate, Taylor, and I have spent the last couple months sending photos of all sorts of fun stuff we can do for our apartment in Nashville.  Taylor is creative and artsy and loves DIY projects, as do I.  We are so excited for all the cute projects we can do together to make our new apartment unique and beautiful!

Taylor & I

Taylor is also a fan of the blog and has probably read every single post since the day I started it.  I often ask for her thoughts on things before I post them or for ideas on things to write about.  One day, Taylor was feeling DIY-inspired and recommended I post on DIY Wedding Veils.  Umm, FABULOUS idea (this is why we are going to make great roomies!)

There are many things about your wedding decor that could be DIY, although some projects may be too time-consuming or complicated to truly take on yourself (unless you are just INCREDIBLY talented and have all the time in the world!).  The rest of us need to choose a few projects here and there that are simple and meaningful and worth the time and effort that goes in to that particular DIY project.  I really believe that the veil is one of those wedding details that is totally DIY-worthy!

They are simple to make and, what I love most, they can personality and uniqueness to your wedding fashion.  In addition, it is a great opportunity to incorporate family heirlooms.  For example, love your mom’s dress but not sure you want to rock it on your wedding day?  Use some of the lace (if she doesn’t mind) to add to your veil!  There are many different blogs and websites that show step-by-step how to create the perfect DIY veil in many different styles!

Happy Tuesday


Happy DIY-ing!

Be sure to check out Taylor’s blog where she shows off her amazing photography skills!


One thought on “Details I Love — DIY Veils

  1. Taylor says:

    Love this post Kel!! SO EXCITED FOR NASHVILLE!!

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