Groom To-Dos (via The Knot)

It’s not often that this blog focuses on the “other-half” of the wedding planning.  Interestingly enough, I actually do have a few male readers!  It’s only fair that I post some tips for the guys.  I mean, after all, guys are often lost and unsure where to even start when it comes to planning a wedding.  That’s why I love The Knot’s article on the Top 10 Tips for Grooms.  If you’re anything like Mbonisi (my August 20 groom) and you want to be involved as much as possible, or even if  you just want to keep your fiance happy during these next crazy months, here’s where to start:

1).  Have an opinion — It’s your wedding too!  Give your opinion about major planning points to let your fiance know that she’s not doing this all alone.  (Source: The Knot)

2).  Relish Your Wedding Registry — No matter how tedious it seems, this is your opportunity ask for those things that you can’t justify buying yourself!  Plus couples often register for less-traditional items such as home electronics, power tools, and camping gear nowadays.  (Source: The Knot)

3).  Don’t Be a Pushover — Try to meet your bride halfway when you have disagreements on things.  “You’ll make her happy and salvage your manhood.”  You shouldn’t completely sacrifice things that you want.  (Source: The Knot)

4).  Give her a Break — Give your fiance a night to relax.  Cook her dinner, rent a movie, do the dishes, etc. so that she doesn’t overload on wedding planning and crumble under the stress.  (Source: The Knot)

5).  Be a Buffer — Keep the peace.  “Take responsibility for communicating with your family so that you can filter out petty worries from legitimate concerns,” rather than leaving all the communicating up to your fiance.  (Source: The Knot)

6).  Get Some Help — If your fiance is really stressing or having trouble with the planning process, suggest hiring a coordinator to handle these details.  (Source: The Knot)

7).  Don’t Add Insult — If your fiance is complaining about her family, “hear her out, agree with her, but don’t take this opportunity to tell her the things about her family that annoys you.”  (Source: The Knot)

8).  Arrange the attire — Fill in your groomsmen on all relevant information about the formal wear.  “Send out detailed emails…Don’t assume they’ll know anything about this stuff.”  Be sure to include your fiance on the emails, too.  (Source: The Knot)

9).  Manage Your Men — Make sure your groomsmen know what their responsibilities are.  Assign responsibilities based on their strengths (i.e. “Know your friend who loses his car keys at least once a week?  Probably better not to make him responsible for bringing your ring to the ceremony.”  (Source: The Knot)

10).  Get Sentimental — Do something sweet and sentimental for her on the day of your wedding (i.e. “…send her a gift, flowers, or a sweet note to read while she’s getting ready.  Or, at the reception, pull the videographer aside and tape a special message to her.”)  (Source: The Knot)

Happy Wednesday!


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