Advice for the Aspiring Planner — Have the Most Complete Emergency Kit

A bride is about to walk down the aisle when, *GASP*, somebody points out the lipstick stain on her dress.  The bride starts hyperventilating, bridemaids begin crying, “Don’t worry it’s not that noticeable,” and the room that was calm just moments ago is now up in panic.  Thank God for your event planner.


The Planner’s Most Complete Emergency Kit

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from every planner I’ve worked with, it’s the absolute necessity and importance of having an event day emergency kit.  As planners, it is our job to anticipate any situation that could possibly go wrong and how to fix it.  Prior to the first wedding I did on my own, Courtney Swierczek (Owner of A Sweet Soiree Events) equipped me with the most complete emergency kit you could dream of.  Imagine a kid on Christmas morning…I’m pretty positive I shared that same amount of excitement as Courtney showed me all the little compartments and all the little items in the kit.  Not to mention the fact that I suddenly felt less nervous for the wedding, as I knew I would prepared for almost anything.

Courtney explains, “In our experiences, there is always something that we use from the kit.  Most common is duct tape and safety pins.  I have used safety pins for everything from fixing a dress bustle to quickly reattaching a button on a tuxedo without having to sew.  Lighters are probably the next most used.”  Not only do we need to think about our clients, but it’s also important to remember that you will be standing on your feet for 8-12 hours and running back and forth, sometimes without a moment to stop and sit or grab a bite to eat.  “For myself, I am almost always in need of snacks, chapstick, water, and hair elastics,” says Courtney.

Here’s a list of the items that Courtney included in my emergency kit:

Courtney says, “Brides always appreciate how in-depth our kit is because they are amazed when they ask, ‘I know you probably don’t have this, but…’ and when I do have it, they are surprised and delighted!”

Happy Thursday


Happy Emergency Kit Shopping Ms. Prepared Planner!


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