Home Sweet Music City <3

As I mentioned yesterday, Taylor & myself went out to Nashville this past weekend with our friends Jimmy & Alex.  My mom was also able to come from Indianapolis to meet us there.  We had an amazing weekend & I completely fell in love with the city (believe it or not, I had never actually been before)!  Pending approval on the apartment we applied for, we should be moving October 15.  I can’t wait to go back…but for now, it’s time to really hit it hard on the job search!  Since I lost my camera one evening (ughh, it sucks!), my fabulous photography-talented future roommate agreed to share some of her photos on the blog.  Enjoy!

Taylor & I out on Broadway the first night
The model of our awesome future apartment (**CROSSING OUR FINGERS!**)
The beautiful Percy Priest Lake, just up the street from where we plan to live
Downtown — such a clean city!
Very cool truck we saw parked downtown
In the boot shop ❤ Jimmy, Alex, & I bought some new cool boots!


Amazing live music EVERYWHERE (This is Brittany Taylor, check her out because she has the best voice!)
Mom, Me, & Taylor out on Broadway our last night there (So happy Mom came to visit!)
The drive home was very long but so beautiful!

All photos courtesy of Taylor Herrgott 

Check out her blog for more photos of our trip!

Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Music City <3

  1. Taylor says:

    WOOO HOOO!!!!!! love it 🙂

  2. Clare says:

    Great photo diary girl! These photos are great!

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