My last beach trip for a while…..

This weekend, I headed up to Ocean City with a ton of great friends to enjoy our long weekend & celebrate Amanda‘s little sister’s 21st birthday!  It was quite the fabulous way to end the summer.  Here are some photos…enjoy!

Amanda & I with our 2 "Taylor" roommates!

Ready to celebrate with the birthday girls 😀

I just love all of them so much!

My best friend Amanda also happens to be the best big sister ever!

My great friend Brandon

Me and Amanda arriving at Seacrets.

Kevin...I had to put up with him for 4 years in college but finally we love each other 😉

Taylor G (Amanda's Roommate), Me, & Amanda getting ready to head out on our last night there!

Kevin, me, & Eric -- Eric flew from Delray Beach, FL to come to the beach with us...he was one of Taylor G's friends from college!

The worst part of the whole weekend was realizing that once I move to Nashville, I won't be seeing a beach for a very long time 😦 So long Ocean City!

It was a great weekend with many great friends that I’m going to miss a ton once I go to Nashville.  But so glad we got to do that…I say we make it an annual occasion!

Oh, and to keep all you blog-followers up-to-date, Taylor and I found out Friday that we were officially approved for our Nashville apartment.  So, October 15!

Happy Tuesday!

All photos courtesy of my amazing best friend, Amanda…since my camera disappeared last weekend in Nashville!

Ps. Check out Taylor G & Taylor H’s fabulous blogs! 😀


2 thoughts on “My last beach trip for a while…..

  1. Taylor says:

    WOOO!!!! However in Nashville we live next to a BEAUTIFUL lake and we will make investments on some rafts so sunning and water will not be missed 🙂 – i will buy you a sand box 🙂

  2. Love Taylor’s comment and we will still have to go to A beach SOMEWHERE!

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