Wedding History Day — A Moroccan Wedding

Morocco is a country very rich in traditions and, therefore, Moroccan weddings are no different!  Prior to a Moroccan wedding, there are several pre-wedding ceremonies.

Depending on the wealth of the family, the groom sends gifts to the bride often including jewelry, clothes, & perfume.  The courtship process can last six months to two years.

Five days before the wedding, mostly women get together to deliver and decorate items for the bride’s future home.

The day before her wedding, the bride performs a milk bath with women called “negassa” as assistants to purify her.  They then help her dress in a beautiful wedding Kaftan.

The bride wears beautiful clothing and lots of jewelry on her wedding day.  In addition, the night before the wedding, women in the family organize a Henna party and the bride’s hands and feet are painted.  The Henna designs are meant to bring good luck and fertility.  Often, the groom’s name is hidden in the henna, too!  During the henna party, the older married women share “secrets” of married life with the bride-to-be.

The actual Moroccan wedding can last up to seven days.  Throughout the week, the newlyweds will visit friends and family and show off their new home and gifts.

A Moroccan-themed wedding would be so beautiful!

Happy Tuesday!

There are many other customs and traditions for a Moroccan wedding.  Visit the following links to read more!



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