September Recap

Summer is over and September has come and gone…tomorrow is the first day of October!  This year just keeps flying by but continues to stay just as busy as always!  Let’s recap on September:

Wedding Recap:

On September 17, I assisted Ashley from Windows Catering with Kara & Brendan’s beautiful Meridian House wedding!

On September 25, I coordinated Nicole & Michael’s wedding for A Sweet Soiree Events at the Hendry House in Arlington.  I was very busy in the 2 weeks before the wedding & was so busy on the day of I wasn’t able to get even one photo.  Astrid Photography has agreed to share some photos with us as soon as they’re ready though!


Personal Recap:

This month, my personal life was jam-packed.  I have been taking a lot of time with my friends and family since I will be moving soon.

I had a great time in Ocean City, MD for Labor Day weekend with a lot of good friends!

I remembered 9/11 with a Military Wedding Inspiration Board and a Toby Keith concert with friends that weekend.

Taylor‘s family threw their “Final Derwood Derby” farewell party at their home in Derwood, MD.

FOOTBALL SEASON STARTED THIS MONTH!  & I have been cheering on the Indianapolis Colts, despite their rough start so far.  This photo is from last Christmas — my family of Colts fans 🙂  Looking forward to MNF this week!


October Plans:

Tonight I plan to visit my Gamma Phi Beta family down at Christopher Newport University 🙂 Looking forward to seeing a few of my favorite people in the world!

Tomorrow, October 1 — I have a wedding at Briar Patch with Henriette.  I haven’t worked with Henriette in a while and am excited to spend some time working with her one last time before my big move!

October 8 — I’m having a going away party with all my friends and family in DC!

October 9 — My sister Diana, brother-in-law Chris, and niece Jaden are visiting…looking forward to spending some quality time with them before I move.

Columbus Day, October 10 — I am taking my dad to a Washington Capitals game…some good ol’ father-daughter time & a BIG THANK YOU for everything he has done for me (and Sadie) over the past 2 months.

October 11 — I will attend my last A Sweet Soiree team meeting.  I am so grateful for everything Courtney Swierczek has taught me over the last 9 months.

October 12 & 13 — Spending time with girlfriends aka dinners and happy hours galore!

October 15 — Nashville-bound!  Taylor & I will have keys in hand in 15 days!

Photo courtesy of Taylor Herrgott

October 16 and beyond  — The very scary but also very exciting thing about Nashville is that I have no idea what’s in store for me when I get there!  Taylor & I plan to get settled in our apartment over the first few days & then being the most serious job hunt EVER!  We are so excited to embark on this journey together and I can’t wait to share the experience with everyone!  I can assure you though, I plan to find coordinators and caterers in Nashville to work with so I can keep up with my weddings & other events!  October will be a very exciting, emotional, wild month & I will keep everyone posted every step of the way!

Farewell September…

Happy October


Happy Friday!


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