This Crazy Ride

The last couple weeks have been somewhat surreal.  It’s finally settling in my mind that my big move is no longer something I am just talking or dreaming about…it’s happeningready or not.  I have been taken back with the thought that in 9 days, I will be driving 10 hours to start a new life in Nashville, TN.  This is crazy.  Life is crazy!

If you had told me a year ago that I would be doing this, I would have laughed out loud at the absurdity of it all.  Me move 10 hours away from everything I’ve ever known with no job or plan other than to move into my pretty apartment with Taylor and see what life throws our way?  Yea right.  No chance I’d ever be brave enough to do that.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…I still am not quite sure I’m brave enough now!

But over the last year and a half, I have grown and changed in ways I never imagined I could.  I went from having a perfect plan for my life (marriage, job, where we wanted to live, etc. etc.) to having my world flipped up-side-down in a matter of days.  It’s amazing how life works that way.  I remember last summer thinking there is no possible way I can survive all of this.  I never thought I’d see the day when I was truly happy and content with myself and my life.


It’s so cool to reflect on the various chapters of my life & remember the good times, but know that I am growing and changing into who I am meant to be.

In the last year I have learned so many things about myself and about life…

1)  Weddings are fun to plan…that doesn’t mean I have to be the one getting married!

2)  Relationships (friendship or romantic) should be easy.  You should spend time with the people you enjoy being around.  Everyone will fight once in a while, but being used to fighting is never healthy.  And feeling like you’re the only one to make an effort in any type of relationship is also not healthy.

3)  Friendships come and go…it’s a natural part of life, like growing up and moving out of your parents’ house.  It doesn’t mean that someone did anything wrong or that you will never catch up/stay connected with that person.  But you get to a point in your life when you realize that life and work and socializing don’t always coincide with the schedules of every single best friend you had in high school & college…and that is okay!

4)  I have come to a point where I’m completely content with just me — this is a huge step for me and took a very long time.  I really believe that you cannot be happy with yourself or happy with someone else until you learn to be okay with being on your own.  (Notice I didn’t say “being alone”…I think the only way to learn to be okay with being on your own and learn to be happy with yourself is total focus on who you want to be and spending the time with the people who inspire and encourage you to become that person.)

5)  GOD IS IN CONTROL.  Sometimes it’s okay to not have a plan.  I mean really…I can plan my future, I can plan my day, I can plan my work schedule, I can plan my outfit, I can plan a wedding….there are so many things in life that I can (and most often do) plan.  But over the last year and a half I’ve learned that life will inevitably go according to God’s plan, which is typically not at all what I had ever imagined or envisioned.  I’m 23, single, and I’m moving to a new, fun, crazy, beautiful city which I truly believe will have so much to offer me.  As scary as not having a plan is to me, I believe that I will learn and grow so much from figuring it out and letting God guide me wherever He has planned for me.

6)  It is NOT OKAY to settle in life….in your career, in your happiness, in your relationship.  Find what makes you feel inspired & passionate!

7)  Say YES.  Don’t get so caught up in responsibility that you don’t have time to enjoy yourself.  Take that beach trip.  Go to the happy hour.  Do that wedding even though you’re supposed to have this weekend off.  Do the things that you enjoy and that make you happy.

8)  Say NO.  Don’t be afraid to say no when you need a break.  This is one that I know, but I have a hard time putting into practice.  I’m working on it…

9)  Don’t be afraid to look silly.  I’m learning that if I have to try to be a certain way for someone, then I don’t really want that person in my life anyways.  I love to be silly, that’s just who I am.  I like to dance like a goofball and I’m super sarcastic.  The people who make me the most happy and that I enjoy being around the most are the ones I can be my crazy, goofy, silly self around.

10)  Family & friends should always come first.  You know the whole “your girlfriends will be there for you long after any guy will”?  It’s totally cliché, but so true.  Make time to spend with your family and with your girlfriends.  Sometimes I’m not always the best at this (I’m not sure any of us are)…but it’s so important to remember.

Anyways, I know this post was weird.  I’d be surprised if half of you have even read this far!  But as I prepare to turn the page into the next chapter of my life, I think its important to reflect on where I have been, where I am now, & how I got here.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this crazy ride takes me in Nashville and beyond.  Who knows

And as I grow and change, I expect this blog to do the same.  So please take a moment to take my poll so I know what you want to see and read!

Happy Thursday!



6 thoughts on “This Crazy Ride

  1. Taylor says:

    My favorite post yet!!! I am so very proud of you and I cannot wait for the next chapter of our lives (+ Sadie).


  2. Wow, my baby girl is all grown up! I am so very proud of you – more than you could EVER imagine! Always reach for those stars, honey, because YOU ARE A STAR! I love you so very much!


  3. alyssa says:

    I love ya Kell! I’m so happy for you and most of all proud! Its great to know no matter how many states, oceans and miles apat we are we will always be the best of friends! I wish you nothing but the best and I can’t wait for my road trip to come and visit you!

  4. Yildiz says:

    I’m proud of you my little sister!!!! I’ll miss you…

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