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Details I Love — Metallics

Hello lovelies!  I know it’s been a while since my last post, considering I typically am very good about posting everyday Monday-Friday.  As you can imagine, however, the upcoming move has meant that work life and personal life have been insanely busy!  So anyways, I did not forget about you all…I am just doing my best to keep up with everything!


One of David Tutera‘s predictions for 2012 weddings is the metallic trend.  I was a little skeptical at first, until I found these photos of fabulous metallics done exactly right.  Not going to lie, I think just the right amount of metallic detail touches can be so beautiful…what do y’all think?

 Happy Wednesday!

Details I Love — Family-Style Reception Dinners

One of the new unique wedding trends I love is family-style dinners.  This trend is especially popular for smaller weddings.  However, both Rebecca & Mbonisi and Nicole & Michael had guest counts over 100 and chose this type of set-up (Unfortunately, I was so busy at Nicole & Michael’s wedding that I didn’t have time to take even one photo…but I will share the professional ones with everyone as soon as I see them!).  Besides the obvious benefit of the more intimate dinner, family-style receptions look gorgeous & your guests are sure to be wowed by this unique set-up!

Happy Tuesday!

Real Wedding — Kara & Brendan

Last weekend, I assisted Ashley Beard with Windows Catering again.  As with all other weddings I’ve done with them, I was so thoroughly impressed with the elegance and beauty of this Meridian House wedding.  It was simply gorgeous! Plus, one detail I loved about this wedding was that the couple decided to donate money to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a charity which raises money for childhood cancer,  in lieu of guest favors (hence the alcoholic & non-alcoholic lemonades!)

All photos courtesy of Kelley Finnegan

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Coordinator: SoCo Events (Bridget Newby)

Caterer: Windows Catering

Venue: Meridian House

Florist: DaVinci’s

Photographer: Amy Raab

DJ: My Deejay (Evan Reiymeyer)

Inspired by Fall

Today is officially the first day of fall…can you believe it?!  I’m not quite sure how the summer flew by so quickly, but it has come and gone.  The weather is starting to cool down and it’s time to start thinking about pumpkins and apple cider.  Today’s inspiration board is inspired by this beautiful season…complete with a pumpkin patch for guests to pick pumpkins to take home, apple cider, caramel apples, and outdoor lounge seating with throw blankets to keep guests from getting too chilly in the crisp fall air.  Enjoy!

Happy Friday


Happy First Day of Fall!

Wedding Rehearsal How-To

This weekend I will be conducting two wedding rehearsals.  One for Nicole & Mike’s wedding and one I will be conducting Saturday afternoon for Courtney‘s Sunday couple.  Wedding rehearsals can sometimes seem tedious and unnecessary…however they prove very beneficial in making sure that your ceremony runs smoothly and according to plan.  Here some tips on how to have a successful and productive wedding rehearsal:

The Purpose — Wedding rehearsals give you an opportunity to figure out logistics for all the little details of your ceremony (i.e. entering, exiting, where to stand, etc.).  Rehearsing them allows your ceremony to run as smoothly as possible.

Who Should Attend — All members of the wedding party and anyone else who is involved in the ceremony (i.e. bride, groom, best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girl, ring bearer, readers, parents, grandparents…).  Some vendors such as musicians/DJs or photographers/videographers may also want to attend to rehearse their part in the ceremony as well.

Photo credit: Travis Hoehne Photography

Before the rehearsal — Introduce everyone and tell everyone where they should go when they arrive for the wedding.  Discuss when photos will be taken.

Step One — Line up the wedding party where they will be standing for the ceremony.  Here’s a sample ceremony lineup from Suzanne & Peter’s wedding:

Step Two — Practice the recessional (exit) first.  Practice how the bridal party will exit (i.e. couple first, flower girl & ring bearer, attendants meeting each other in the center and walking out as couples, bride’s parents, groom’s parents, bride’s grandparents, groom’s grandparents).

Photo credit: Travis Hoehne Photography

Step Three — Practice seating the guests.  Let the ushers know which rows are reserved for who and practice escorting special guests such as grandparents or other family members (if they are not part of the processional).

Step Four — Practice the processional.  The wedding party should enter and lineup the way they were in Step One.  Typically, the groom and his attendants follow the officiant in (to stand on the officiant’s left).  Bridesmaids walk in one-by-one with the last (outside) bridesmaid walking in first.  The Maid of Honor follows the bridesmaids.  Next the flower girl (and ring bearer if he did not walk in with the groomsmen) will walk in.  The bride enters with her escort on her right.  Practice the escort’s role in “giving away” the bride.

Photo credit: Travis Hoehne Photography

Step Five — Practice the ceremony.  While it’s not necessary to run through the entire ceremony word-for-word, it is important to practice major highlights of the ceremony (i.e. when the readers will go up to the altar, when the lighting of a unity will take place, etc.). Practice with any special props that you can, such as handing off the bouquet (Suzanne used a “bouquet” from her bridal shower) or giving the rings (use fake rings), etc.

Suzanne & her father | Photo credit: Suzanne's Cousin Jane

Step Six — Practice the recessional again.

Typically, you will need to run through the rehearsal at least one more time to be sure all players remember their roles in the ceremony.

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Wedding History Day — A Moroccan Wedding

Morocco is a country very rich in traditions and, therefore, Moroccan weddings are no different!  Prior to a Moroccan wedding, there are several pre-wedding ceremonies.

Depending on the wealth of the family, the groom sends gifts to the bride often including jewelry, clothes, & perfume.  The courtship process can last six months to two years.

Five days before the wedding, mostly women get together to deliver and decorate items for the bride’s future home.

The day before her wedding, the bride performs a milk bath with women called “negassa” as assistants to purify her.  They then help her dress in a beautiful wedding Kaftan.

The bride wears beautiful clothing and lots of jewelry on her wedding day.  In addition, the night before the wedding, women in the family organize a Henna party and the bride’s hands and feet are painted.  The Henna designs are meant to bring good luck and fertility.  Often, the groom’s name is hidden in the henna, too!  During the henna party, the older married women share “secrets” of married life with the bride-to-be.

The actual Moroccan wedding can last up to seven days.  Throughout the week, the newlyweds will visit friends and family and show off their new home and gifts.

A Moroccan-themed wedding would be so beautiful!

Happy Tuesday!

There are many other customs and traditions for a Moroccan wedding.  Visit the following links to read more!


Details I Love — Unique Boutonnieres

Let’s face it ladies, your fiance has sat back quietly as you showed him magazine articles of dresses and rings and wedding details, come with you to pick flowers and colors, and has probably listened to one or two pre-wedding meltdowns.  The groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres are yet another opportunity to add a little personality to your wedding. Let your guy’s boutonniere reflect his personality and interests, while still maintaining the wedding theme.  Or, just have a little fun making them unique and interesting!

Photo via Jeff Greenough

Happy Monday!

2 weeks before….

Timeline at work!

This week has been difficult to do blogs.  Between my regular full-time job and upcoming weddings, I have little time to research wedding history or fun inspiring things.  The remaining 2 weeks prior to the wedding are so fun & so busy as we wrap up final details.   This week has mostly been dedicated to preparing the final timeline and layouts for Nicole & Mike’s wedding on the 25th (in addition to work for my full-time job).  Since I want Nicole & Mike’s wedding to run flawlessly, my time needs to be focused on them.  But I promise, their wedding will be beautiful and there will be great photos to share of it!

Layout at work!

Happy (busy) Thursday!

Details I Love — First Looks

Last November, Katelyn James wrote a blog post about first looks.  At that time, I was fairly new to the wedding industry and hadn’t experienced all the new trends that break traditions.  However, when seeing her post, I fell in love with the idea.

Photo credit: Katelyn James Photography

 Catherine & Daniel‘s wedding was the first wedding I worked on where I got to witness a first look.  IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!  I love first looks for many reasons and wanted to share Katelyn’s expertise with you as a very talented wedding photographer.

Photo credit: Katelyn James Photography

Top 5 Reasons to have a First Look Prior to your Ceremony (from Katelyn James Photography):

1) It cuts down the time for photos between ceremony and reception because you can get a lot of the couple shots out of the way before the ceremony

2) It allows you to spend some one-on-one, intimate time with your husband.

3) You end up with a ton more pictures!

4) It calms nerves prior to the ceremony, especially key for the groom.

5) Allows plenty of time for portraits while still giving the bride and groom time to celebrate later in the evening.

Photo credit: Katelyn James Photography

Please visit Katelyn James’s blog and website for more first look photos and to browse her amazing portfolio!

Photo credit: Katelyn James Photography

Happy Wednesday!

Real Wedding — Catherine & Daniel

Remember the sneak peek from Catherine & Daniel’s wedding?  Martin Torre, owner of Torre Photography, was kind enough to share some of his professional photos with me of their special day.  Enjoy!

All photos courtesy of Torre Photography

Happy Monday!


Coordinator: Kelley Finnegan

Venue:  Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast Inn

Caterer: Culinary Delights

DJ: Bowtie Mobile DJ & Sound — Tracy Telenko

Florist: Affordable Arrangements

Photographer: Torre Photography

Photobooth: Poshbooth Custom Photobooth Rental

Horse-drawn Carriage: Harmon’s Carriages

Officiant: Rev. Edwin Clever (Peakland United Methodist Church)