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Real Wedding – Nicole & Michael

Finally, here are the photos from the last wedding I had the pleasure of coordinating with A Sweet Soiree before moving to Nashville.  Nicole and Michael were an incredibly laid back and fun couple and you can see that in these photos of their Hendry House wedding.  As a chef, food was very important to Michael, so the couple decided on Basikneads catering and were not disappointed!  He also mixed his own yummy cocktails.  Flowers also turned out beautifully.  The couple elected to pick flowers from a wholesaler and we put arrangements together during the set-up of the event.  Enjoy these awesome photos courtesy of the talented Astrid Photography!

Happy Thursday!


Event Coordination: A Sweet Soiree Events (Kelley Finnegan)

Catering: Basikneads Catering

Photography: Astrid Photography

Venue: Hendry House

Tent: L&A Tent Rentals

Cake: Alexandria Pastry


Sneak Peek — Megan & Dave

Last weekend, I worked a wedding with Henriette at Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast.  Megan & Dave’s wedding was beautiful and I just had to share some photos with you.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me, so the Blackberry photos will have to suffice until Aaron is able to share his professional pictures with us…I apologize for the poor quality, but I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

Unique tree branch/floral arrangement by J. Morris Flowers that was placed in the center of the escort card table

How cool are Megan's linen choices?!



Happy Friday & Happy Long Weekend!


Coordinator:  Buelltiful Events (Henriette Buell & Kelley Finnegan)

Venue:  Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast

Caterer:  Star Catering

Photographer:  Aaron Spicer Photography

DJ:  My Deejay (Michael Bell)

September Recap

Summer is over and September has come and gone…tomorrow is the first day of October!  This year just keeps flying by but continues to stay just as busy as always!  Let’s recap on September:

Wedding Recap:

On September 17, I assisted Ashley from Windows Catering with Kara & Brendan’s beautiful Meridian House wedding!

On September 25, I coordinated Nicole & Michael’s wedding for A Sweet Soiree Events at the Hendry House in Arlington.  I was very busy in the 2 weeks before the wedding & was so busy on the day of I wasn’t able to get even one photo.  Astrid Photography has agreed to share some photos with us as soon as they’re ready though!


Personal Recap:

This month, my personal life was jam-packed.  I have been taking a lot of time with my friends and family since I will be moving soon.

I had a great time in Ocean City, MD for Labor Day weekend with a lot of good friends!

I remembered 9/11 with a Military Wedding Inspiration Board and a Toby Keith concert with friends that weekend.

Taylor‘s family threw their “Final Derwood Derby” farewell party at their home in Derwood, MD.

FOOTBALL SEASON STARTED THIS MONTH!  & I have been cheering on the Indianapolis Colts, despite their rough start so far.  This photo is from last Christmas — my family of Colts fans 🙂  Looking forward to MNF this week!


October Plans:

Tonight I plan to visit my Gamma Phi Beta family down at Christopher Newport University 🙂 Looking forward to seeing a few of my favorite people in the world!

Tomorrow, October 1 — I have a wedding at Briar Patch with Henriette.  I haven’t worked with Henriette in a while and am excited to spend some time working with her one last time before my big move!

October 8 — I’m having a going away party with all my friends and family in DC!

October 9 — My sister Diana, brother-in-law Chris, and niece Jaden are visiting…looking forward to spending some quality time with them before I move.

Columbus Day, October 10 — I am taking my dad to a Washington Capitals game…some good ol’ father-daughter time & a BIG THANK YOU for everything he has done for me (and Sadie) over the past 2 months.

October 11 — I will attend my last A Sweet Soiree team meeting.  I am so grateful for everything Courtney Swierczek has taught me over the last 9 months.

October 12 & 13 — Spending time with girlfriends aka dinners and happy hours galore!

October 15 — Nashville-bound!  Taylor & I will have keys in hand in 15 days!

Photo courtesy of Taylor Herrgott

October 16 and beyond  — The very scary but also very exciting thing about Nashville is that I have no idea what’s in store for me when I get there!  Taylor & I plan to get settled in our apartment over the first few days & then being the most serious job hunt EVER!  We are so excited to embark on this journey together and I can’t wait to share the experience with everyone!  I can assure you though, I plan to find coordinators and caterers in Nashville to work with so I can keep up with my weddings & other events!  October will be a very exciting, emotional, wild month & I will keep everyone posted every step of the way!

Farewell September…

Happy October


Happy Friday!

Real Wedding — Kara & Brendan

Last weekend, I assisted Ashley Beard with Windows Catering again.  As with all other weddings I’ve done with them, I was so thoroughly impressed with the elegance and beauty of this Meridian House wedding.  It was simply gorgeous! Plus, one detail I loved about this wedding was that the couple decided to donate money to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a charity which raises money for childhood cancer,  in lieu of guest favors (hence the alcoholic & non-alcoholic lemonades!)

All photos courtesy of Kelley Finnegan

Happy Monday!


Coordinator: SoCo Events (Bridget Newby)

Caterer: Windows Catering

Venue: Meridian House

Florist: DaVinci’s

Photographer: Amy Raab

DJ: My Deejay (Evan Reiymeyer)

2 weeks before….

Timeline at work!

This week has been difficult to do blogs.  Between my regular full-time job and upcoming weddings, I have little time to research wedding history or fun inspiring things.  The remaining 2 weeks prior to the wedding are so fun & so busy as we wrap up final details.   This week has mostly been dedicated to preparing the final timeline and layouts for Nicole & Mike’s wedding on the 25th (in addition to work for my full-time job).  Since I want Nicole & Mike’s wedding to run flawlessly, my time needs to be focused on them.  But I promise, their wedding will be beautiful and there will be great photos to share of it!

Layout at work!

Happy (busy) Thursday!

Real Wedding — Catherine & Daniel

Remember the sneak peek from Catherine & Daniel’s wedding?  Martin Torre, owner of Torre Photography, was kind enough to share some of his professional photos with me of their special day.  Enjoy!

All photos courtesy of Torre Photography

Happy Monday!


Coordinator: Kelley Finnegan

Venue:  Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast Inn

Caterer: Culinary Delights

DJ: Bowtie Mobile DJ & Sound — Tracy Telenko

Florist: Affordable Arrangements

Photographer: Torre Photography

Photobooth: Poshbooth Custom Photobooth Rental

Horse-drawn Carriage: Harmon’s Carriages

Officiant: Rev. Edwin Clever (Peakland United Methodist Church)

August Recap & planning ahead for September

August seriously flew by!  I can’t believe this weekend is Labor Day Weekend and the summer is just about over.  It must be because of all the exciting things I got to do this month!

Wedding Recap:

August 13 — I served with The Chef’s Table Caterers & Event Planners for Carolyn & Jason’s wedding at Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast Inn.

Photo credit: Kelley Finnegan

Photo credit: Kelley Finnegan

August 20 — I executed the day of coordination for A Sweet Soiree Events at Rebecca & Mbonisi’s wedding at the George Washington Masonic Memorial.

Photo credit: Kelley Finnegan

Photo credit: Kelley Finnegan


Celebrity Recap:

People Magazine

People Magazine

People Magazine

Many celebrities were engaged & married this month.  However, probably the most publicized wedding since Prince William & Kate Middleton were married occurred just a couple weeks ago!  Yep, you guessed it…Kim Kardashian finally married Kris Humphries with a lavish and very expensive wedding!

People Magazine

People Magazine


Personal Recap:

I finally got a tattoo for my grandmother on my shoulder — representing the Pink song, Dear Diary, which states “I have a guardian angel tattooed on my shoulder.  She’s been watching over me.”

Photo credit: Kelley Finnegan

I saw Brantley Gilbert play at the 9:30 club in DC.  I love him!

I went skydiving at DC Skydiving Center with Alex.  I actually never did a post on my skydiving adventure…but here are a few photos!

I officially announced my move to Nashville and visited the amazing city and totally fell in love with it.  Should have an answer on our apartment tomorrow!

Photo credit: Taylor Herrgott

Photo credit: Taylor Herrgott


September Plans:

Continue job searching for Nashville!

Labor Day weekend beach trip to Ocean City

Toby Keith concert

Remember 9/11 … hard to believe it’s almost been 10 years!

Attend Taylor‘s mom’s going away party/moving party (since she is selling her house too!)

Bridal Showcase for The Chef’s Table Caterers & Event Planners

Nicole & Mike’s Wedding for A Sweet Soiree Events (another one on my own, yay!)


August was a busy, busy month & looks like September will be no different!  Can’t wait to share all these exciting experiences with you!

Happy Wednesday!

Real Wedding — Rebecca & Mbonisi

Finally, my personal “sneak peek” photos from Rebecca & Mbonisi’s peacock-themed wedding.  This was a wedding for which I served as the day-of coordinator on my own with the pre-wedding planning conducted under Courtney Swierczek’s guidance as an Associate Coordinator for her company, A Sweet Soiree.  Crossing my fingers for some professional photos soon!

Rebecca's mother created all of the pew and alter flower arrangements.

Rebecca's incredibly talented family performed the ceremony music!

Coordinator:  A Sweet Soiree Events (Kelley Finnegan)

Ceremony Venue:  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Cocktails & Reception Venue: George Washington Masonic Memorial

Caterer:  Basikneads

Florist:  Michael’s Flowers

DJ:  DJ Ivan Moore

Photography/Videography:  George Street Photo & Video (Lead photo: Nick Welsh; Second photo: Pablo deLoy; Video: Hugh Staples)


As for why I haven’t posted since last Tuesday, it’s because I spent a long weekend in Nashville exploring the city and looking for apartments!  Taylor & I had a ton of fun with our friends, Jimmy & Alex.  My mom was even able to make the trip from Indianapolis — it was great to spend time with her.  Check back tomorrow for details on our trip!

Happy Monday!

Real Wedding — Carolyn & Jason

Check out photos from this weekend’s wedding where I served with The Chef’s Table Caterers & Event Planners at Briar Patch!

These champagne glasses doubled as toasting glasses & favors -- too cute!

The bride & groom are JMU alum and many fellow JMU friends were there to help celebrate!

Happy Tuesday!

Wedding History Day — Catholic Ceremony

Like the Jewish wedding, a Catholic wedding ceremony is rooted in so much tradition and ritual.  There are many important parts to this beautiful ceremony which is why these ceremonies often last 45 minutes to an hour in length.  Suzanne & Peter’s wedding was such a learning experience for me.  Today’s Wedding History Day will cover the various parts of the Catholic Wedding Ceremony and offer some helpful tips and links for brides planning to have a Catholic ceremony themselves.  Enjoy!


1).  The Processional — Groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and maid of honor enter.  Typically the groomsmen escort the bridesmaid with the maid of honor walking alone.  Then the bride enters with her father. (Source: Brides Magazine)


2).  Hymn — Guests are invited to join in the singing of a hymn by the priest. (Source: Brides Magazine)


3).  Greeting or Opening Prayer — The priest begins mass with a greeting or opening prayer. (Source: Brides Magazine)


4).  Old Testament Reading — Choose a reading from the Old Testament.  Ask a family member or close friend (perhaps someone you weren’t able to include in the bridal party) to read. (Source: Brides Magazine)


5).  Psalm — Sung either by the entire congregation or the church soloist. (Source: Brides Magazine)


6).  New Testament Reading — Again, ask a family member or close friend to read the passage of your choice. (Source: Brides Magazine)


7).  Gospel — The priest reads a passage from Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. (Source: Brides Magazine)


8).  Homil — The priest reflects upon what he has just read. (Source: Brides Magazine)


9).  Vows and Ring Ceremony — “Memorize and recite the vows together, read the vows from the book, or have the priest read them and respond with ‘I do.’ (Source: Brides Magazine)”  After the vows will be the ring exchange and the priest will bless them as symbols of love and fidelity. (Source: Brides Magazine)


10).  The Kiss — Um, no explanation needed 🙂 Typically, while in the church, couples tend to yield on the conservative side for this one!  (Source: Brides Magazine)


11).  Nuptial Blessing — Priest blesses the marriage with a prayer. (Source: Brides Magazine)


12).  Sign of Peace — “Guests and wedding party exchange a sign of peace by shaking hands and saying, ‘Peace be with you.'” (Source: Brides Magazine)


13).  Communion — The priest offers communion to members of the church.  Non-Catholic attendants do not take communion but walk through line and give the priest a nod or cross arms over chest to let him know they are not participating. (Source: Brides Magazine)


14).  Lord’s Prayer — Said in unison by the entire congregation. (Source: Brides Magazine)


15).  Blessing and Dismissal of the Congregation — The priest gives one more blessing and then dismisses the congregation by saying, “This mass has ended.  You may now go in peace.” (Source: Brides Magazine)


16).  Recessional — Reverse order of the processional. (Source: Brides Magazine)


Also, check out The Knot for more tips on the Catholic wedding including pre-marriage requirements, etc.

All photos courtesy of DC Wedding Photographer Joseph Allen.


Happy Thursday!