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To wear white or not to wear white?

Yesterday, Style Me Pretty posted some photos of a beautiful San Francisco wedding by JC Page Photography on their Facebook page.  The first thing to jump out at me about this wedding was that the bride was not wearing white!

Tradition says you are supposed to wear white (or ivory, or something close) on your wedding day.  But what if white isn’t your thing?  You want to look stunning and beautiful on your wedding day…but does that mean you need to be in white?  Take a look at these beautiful non-white wedding dress options…

You know I’m always a sucker for weddings that break tradition.  However, this is definitely one you don’t see often!

How do you feel about this nontraditional wedding fashion trend??

Happy Wednesday!


Details I Love: Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose a color and mismatch the style, mismatch colors but keep the same style dress, or mismatch everything!  I particularly love mismatched styles in different shades of the same color, but that’s just me!  Also, consider patterned dresses (i.e. florals and other prints!)  Check out these fabulously mismatched bridesmaid dresses:

Happy Tuesday!

Wedding Fashion: Statement Necklaces

Wow, it’s been quite a while!  I even promised in my last post that I would get the blog back up and running this last week and clearly, that did not happen.  As you can imagine, our first week in Nashville was a little hectic.  Between our million trips to Target and Walmart to buy “things” for the apartment and starting a serving job at Cadillac Ranch Nashville on Wednesday after arriving in town, we have been busy, to say the least.  My room is still a disaster and I am still missing one essential to finish it up…a dresser!  Yes, a good majority of my clothes still remain in suitcases as I await the moment I stumble upon the perfect dresser!  In the meantime, I have focused my attention away from my bedroom to other areas of the house i.e. my bathroom and our kitchen, and our wall with the amazing quote on it (pictures to be posted ASAP)!  I suppose the room will come in later.

Anyhow, while I know that everyone enjoys a personal post here and there, I need to get back to my weddings & events posts.  After all, that is what this blog is all about.  And after spending the last couple hours Pinteresting, I am feeling quite inspired all over again.  Can’t wait to get my hands in some Nashville events!!!

Today’s post is inspired by a fashion trend I adore…bold statement necklaces.  However, they are not just for the fashionistas walking the streets of New York!  I love bridal statement necklaces and the way they compliment a bride’s wedding fashion.  Enjoy!

Happy Monday!

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…”

We’ve all heard of this wedding day tradition.  Ever wonder WHY you are supposed to have “something old, something new, something borrowed, & something blue” on your wedding day?  Well, I did some research to find out the meanings of the old superstitions as well as some ideas of how to incorporate them into your wedding day!


Something Old

Represents continuity & the past moving to the future.


Classic Car for Transportation

Family heirloom/Antique (Jewelry, brooch, Hair accessories, etc.)

A piece that represents the bride’s past

Vintage anything

A piece of fabric or lace from the bride’s mother or grandmother

A love letter written to the bride’s mother from the bride’s father


Something New

Represents optimism for the future & the new life the couple will share.


New lipstick

Custom perfume for the bride

New jewelry

New lingerie

New shoes

Anything new, lol!


Something Borrowed

Represents borrowed happiness.


Borrowed item from long-time happily married couple

Something borrowed from a friend or other relative who is symbolic of happiness.

Borrowed jewelry.

Borrowed prayer-book for the ceremony.

Borrowed reading from a family members’ wedding.


Something Blue

Represents love, good fortune, & fidelity.


Blue ribbon.

Blue shoes.

Blue nail polish.

Blue wedding color.

Blue flowers.

Blue garter.

Blue jewelry (sapphire!)


Sixpence in Her Shoe

This tradition is a largely British custom.  Represents good fortune & prosperity.


Place sixpence in bride’s left shoe.

Can order sixpence coin from many websites.

Place in bride’s purse or sew into hem of gown.


Happy Thursday!


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Details I Love — DIY Veils

I’m not sure if I have made this announcement on the blog formally yet, but I am planning to move to Nashville in the fall.  I am sad to leave the many amazing opportunities that I have here in DC, but am looking forward to new and exciting opportunities in a new and exciting city!  Plus, I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you!

A REAL Nashville Wedding Shot -- I really hope I get to see this in real life! | Photo courtesy of

Anyways, the reason I brought that up is because my future Nashville roommate, Taylor, and I have spent the last couple months sending photos of all sorts of fun stuff we can do for our apartment in Nashville.  Taylor is creative and artsy and loves DIY projects, as do I.  We are so excited for all the cute projects we can do together to make our new apartment unique and beautiful!

Taylor & I

Taylor is also a fan of the blog and has probably read every single post since the day I started it.  I often ask for her thoughts on things before I post them or for ideas on things to write about.  One day, Taylor was feeling DIY-inspired and recommended I post on DIY Wedding Veils.  Umm, FABULOUS idea (this is why we are going to make great roomies!)

There are many things about your wedding decor that could be DIY, although some projects may be too time-consuming or complicated to truly take on yourself (unless you are just INCREDIBLY talented and have all the time in the world!).  The rest of us need to choose a few projects here and there that are simple and meaningful and worth the time and effort that goes in to that particular DIY project.  I really believe that the veil is one of those wedding details that is totally DIY-worthy!

They are simple to make and, what I love most, they can personality and uniqueness to your wedding fashion.  In addition, it is a great opportunity to incorporate family heirlooms.  For example, love your mom’s dress but not sure you want to rock it on your wedding day?  Use some of the lace (if she doesn’t mind) to add to your veil!  There are many different blogs and websites that show step-by-step how to create the perfect DIY veil in many different styles!

Happy Tuesday


Happy DIY-ing!

Be sure to check out Taylor’s blog where she shows off her amazing photography skills!

Details I Love — Hair Accessories

Hello all!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  I definitely enjoyed myself catching up with some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while AND assisting Ashley Beard with Windows Catering at a wedding again on Saturday (Get excited for photos later this week)!  It was at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria — this venue is AMAZING!  I’m super excited for Rebecca & Mbonisi’s wedding there in August.

I also got together yesterday with family to celebrate Father’s Day (since I worked a wedding last weekend).  I spent some time with Dad and my sister, brother-in-law, and very grown-up 12-year-old niece.  It was a fabulous weekend for sure, but now its Monday and back to work!


There are so many little details that can add to your wedding day.  I really love when brides get unique and creative with their hair accessories — it is one simple detail that can add so much to your look and really make a statement!  Check out these amazing bridal hair accessories:

Photo credit: Etsy

Photo credit: Etsy

Photo credit: Etsy

Photo credit: Etsy

Photo credit: Monkeygraphy

Photo credit: Etsy

Photo credit: Etsy

Photo credit: Etsy

Photo credit: Etsy

Check out Etsy for TONS of wedding hair accessories for all different styles and tastes.  Happy shopping & happy Monday!

Cool Ideas for Your Summer Wedding

Hard to believe that today is already the first day of summer!  I’m still wondering where springtime went.  You know, that beautiful 73-degree weather that is just perfect?  I “slug” to and from work everyday and standing in line in the afternoons on a hot day waiting for a ride can sometimes be miserable!  Summer brides, this is not what you want your guests thinking while they’re sitting through your ceremony, cocktails, or reception!!  Here are some fun details that will keep you and your guests cool at your summer wedding:

1) Fan programs — Fan programs can be as glamorous or as simple as you like them.  They are the perfect touch for your guests to cool down during your ceremony (these can be a fun DIY too)!

Photos courtesy of

 2) Ice Cream — Why not have an old-fashioned ice cream parlor at your wedding?  Or perhaps an ice cream truck?  Make sure you have everything you need when going with this option so you don’t have a big melted mess!

Photo credits: 1) Ice Cream Parlor --; 2) Ice Cream truck --; 3) Vintage Ice Cream Cart --

 3) Signature Summer Cocktails — Do you and your future spouse have a favorite cocktail?  Perhaps the two of you are master mixologists and can mix up something sweet and refreshing!

 4) Personalized Drink Labels — For something more unique and personalized, consider serving Jones Soda with you own personal labels.  The various flavors can appeal to children and non-drinkers as well!  Consider also printing labels for water bottles to serve on ice throughout the ceremony and into the evening!  Another fun idea: purchase personalized coozies for your guests to keep their drinks cold!  (The coozies shown here are another sneak peek from Stacey & Justin’s wedding this past weekend!)

Photo credits: 1) Jones Soda --; 2) Water bottles -- Little Things Favors; 3) Coozie -- Kelley Finnegan

5) Fashion Accessories — After hours of hair and makeup, no bride or bridesmaid wants to be dripping with sweat in the summer heat.  Here’s some fashion ideas that are chic and fun but will keep you and your bridesmaids cool as well:

Photo credits: 1) Lace fan --; 2) Colorful fans -- SMS Photography; 3) Green Parasols -- Chelsea Nicole Photography; 4) Colorful Parasols -- Natalie Moser Photography

Happy First Day of Summer!

Traffic Court, Beach Weddings, & Charity Wedding Gowns — A Little Bit of Everything

Happy Friday everyone!  I apologize for not posting yesterday…I was in Virginia Beach for traffic court.  It was a very long day but everything went well and I’m relieved it’s over and looking forward to TWO weddings this weekend on Saturday and Sunday!  Heading down to the beach made me feel inspired by beach weddings…and its definitely the season for them.  Here’s today’s beach wedding inspiration board…ENJOY!

Be sure when having your beach wedding to include a few “beachy” details without going too overboard.  Subtle beach-themed accents against beach colors would be beautiful!



Brides Against Breast Cancer starts tonight!  Be sure to stop by sometime this weekend to help support an amazing cause!

Have a fabulous weekend & don’t forget to wish your dad a Happy Fathers Day!

Wedding Fashion — Lace

I love classic looks that are timeless and beautiful.  Lace is one of those wedding fashion trends that is so classy, romantic, and gorgeous.  Adel really had me feeling inspired when I saw her amazing lace open-back dress  (&& I wish I had been able to get a better picture of it!).  What do you think of lace wedding gowns?

Adel's beautiful lace wedding dress


This dress is simply stunning.

Gorgeous Monique Lhuillier

Another amazing Monique Lhuillier dress

Vera Wang

Obsessed with this Vera Wang gown


Check out some celebs in lace:

Ivanka Trump in lace Vera Wang gown

Lily Allen was married this weekend wearing a beautiful lace dress...

Kate Middleton's dress was beautiful beyond words...